To dry the different parts of the industrial hemp plant to the desired moisture content, and ret the hemp stalk to the desired decomposition state; we have developed three products based on our knowledge of drying techniques and environmental control

Drying and retting products from

Our experience in drying, and our catalogue of products and software developments has used to develop three products. The box installation, the container installation, and the ABC-software.

Boxes are flexible and adaptable to any scale, situation or desired setup and are used to dry seeds and flowers as well as ret and dry the hemp stalk.

Containers provide a highly controllable and scaleable environment for the hemp stalk for retting and drying. The seeds and flowers can be deposited in the drying container quickly after harvest to start the drying process with minimal chance of loss of produce.

The entire process is under control of our tried and tested ABC-software, providing complete insight and input into this crucial process.

Box installation

Highly flexible and adaptable


Complete control and insight

Container installation

Large volume and high control

During- or after harvest the produce can easily and immediately be deposited into the boxes according to your internal logistics. Once the boxes are filled, they are placed in front of the drying and or retting installation. Which, controlled by our ABC-software executes the preset regimen automatically.

For products which need long term storage at stable conditions the bulk storage installation offers a solution. A framework of boxes offers maximal earated storage capacity for the large volume products of the hemp plant. Through this the hemp stalk can be stored at a stable moisture content for long times.

A large volume solution for retting and drying industrial hemp stalks. This completely controlled environment with the possibility for air recirculation prepares every part of the hemp plant energy efficiently, precisely and delicately. Under control of the ABC-software.

To control the process of preparing your harvest for its industrial uses we have developed our ABC-software over two decades. This sofware has been proven to work for all different situations we encountered all over the world. And now it will provide complete control over the preparation of industrial hemp its individual components.

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