Stalk Retting and drying

A process, previously left up to the whims of dew, microbes and temperature on the field. Now will be facilitated in a controlled environment, with precise temperature, moisture content, airflow and fungi to achieve the desired stalk retting. To then start drying the stalks to the desired moisture content, all automatically, all without a worry.

Retting and Drying solution

Professional, Controlled And Precise

After an intermission of 100 years, the versitile and strong hemp stalks are still left on the field to decompose and dry as preparation for processing.

We combine the 50 years experience we have gathered working with agricultural products for a retting and drying solution combining the best parts of nature and our knowledge and solutions.

During the harvest of hemp stalks they can be placed immediately in an aerated bulk storage installation. All year round the stalks can be deposited in one of our containers or boxes; according to the capacity of the decortication and processing facility.

Within this closed environment you select the desired retting and drying regimen with our ABC-software.

Now you can sit back and relax as the perfect temperature, humidity and airflow conditions are created for the fungi to break of the glue holding the hemp fibers and the hemp hurd together in five stages.

Once this is complete the drying regimen will start, halting the growth of fungi and drying the product under controlled conditions to the desired moisture content.


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