Flower and leaf drying

During or after harvest the flowers and leaves can easily be deposited in one of our drying solutions, be it the drying boxes or drying container. This allows you to start drying quickly after the harvest resulting in your flowers and leaves retaining the highest amount of cannabinoids and terpenes

Flower and leaf DRYING SOLUTION

Professional, Controlled And Precise

Freshly harvested flowers still contains much moisture and most cannabinoids and terpenes. Every moment wasted before drying the product more of its valuable components get lost.

Our drying solution for the hemp flower and leaves allows you to deposit your product during or immediately after harvest in our drying set up. Once this is placed in front of our drying installation, the drying process can start immediately.

Using our ABC-software the desired drying regimen is selected, to dry your product in five stages at low temperatures for maximum quality and ingredient retention.

In these five stages temperature, humidity and airflow are controlled and manipulated dynamically for minimal risk of spoilage and minimal expense of energy. Until the desired moisture content has been reached, after which the drying process is stopped. And when desired post drying climate controll can keep the product top notch.

Hemp CBD flower drying

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