Containers for drying and retting

During or after harvest the containers for the container installation can easily be filled by opening the roof. Once the container is full, the retting- and or drying process can take place. In a controlled environment, with the variables being controlled by our ABC-software. Ensuring the most effective humidity, temperature and airflow during each stage of the process.

Container installation

Professional, Controlled And Precise

Drying in containers allows for a large volume of hemp biomass to be fed into the container during, or immediately after harvest. To be dried in an automatic, gradual and controlled manner to the desired moisture content according to the needs of the specific part of the hemp plant and the desired application. Be it for the hemp stalksflowers, or seeds.

For the hemp stalk we facilitate the retting process under controlled conditions, as well as the drying. With complete insight and control with our ABC-software through the measurement of temperature, humidity and airflow. Using a vent to expell moist air or a vent to recirculate air fit for drying the hemp product in the same container or another container in the setup. For the most energy efficient drying process and enabeling retting in an enclosed environment for the hemp stalk. A single container has the capacity to dry 35m3 of biomass. A container setup can be adapted to the desired scale needed for your harvest.

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