Bulk storage installation for hemp stalks

Our bulk storage installation allows you to take your harvest directly from the farmland to the aerated storage. The modular structure of boxes is adapted to the harvested biomass per location. This creates storage at a stable moisture content, from which the stalks can be optimally retted and dried in a container or box installation all year round.

Bulk storage installation

large volume, aerated and stable storage

Hemp stalks are most often grown in large volumes. This makes it hard to manage the amount of biomass that is harvested. For this, we have developed the aerated bulk storage installation. 

Capable of storing 600 tonnes, 6000 tonnes, or any scale desired at a stable moisture content to be processed year-round.

The outer walls are formed by stacked boxes, filled with hemp stalks. Between the stacked boxes, one layer of boxes is placed on special descending aeration pallets for equal air distribution amongst the hemp stalks. Inside- and on top of the boxes, the hemp stalks are deposited. Creating maximal storage volume with minimal use of boxes.

By using stacked boxes as a frame a flexible and modular storage system is created for year-round storage of hemp stalks. To be retted and dried in a container– or boxes installation and processed during the year.

This installation can be scaled to any preferred scale, and be made fitting based on the available space and volume of harvest.

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