Boxes for drying and retting

Flexible, adaptable and space efficient. For all different parts of the industrial hemp plant we have a solution which best fits its needs using a box installation. Boxes allow for easy filling and internal transport and provide a enclosed micro climate for drying and retting the hemp components  

Box installation

Professional, Controlled And Precise

Of our drying solutions, box drying is our most used method for agricultural drying applications. This is done in front of a large scale drying wall allowing for directed airflow per level of boxes and great flexibility and scalability. Volumes up to 105 m3 per row are possible. For the hemp stalk we facilitate the retting process, directed under controlled conditions. Drying of the hemp seed, flower/leaf or stalk will commence in an automatic, gradual and controlled manner. All with complete insight and control with our ABC-software through the measurement of temperature, humidity and airflow.

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