ABC-Software for control and insight

Once your product has been deposited in one of our installations the easy part begins. For every part of the hemp plant and every installation setup there is a dedicated preset of our ABC-software. This guides the process of retting- and or drying until the desired end point has been reached. All with complete insight and oversight of the process during- and afterwards.  


Professional, Controlled And Precise

To start, control and monitor the drying process we have developed our ABC-software. Which has already been applied to a wide variety of agricultural drying solutions, with modular processes to be flexible to your needs.

With the ABC-software you have insight into all the different variables, which are measured through measurement sensors, the progress of the drying process of your product is monitored and insightful every moment of the way. The preset processing regimen are tailored to each specific part of the hemp plant, flower, seeds or stalk for maximum quality and minimum energy expense. 


  • Insight during the retting or drying process and data available for analyzation after completion
  • Every individual section can operate on its own schedule for independent and dedicated conditions
  • The process is modular and designed to economically process your product with optimal outcome quality
  • The drying or retting variables can be adjusted according to the needs of your product

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