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Professional drying and retting solutions

Our goal is to provide drying and retting solutions for industrial hemp which allow for maximum control and quality in order to harness the value of your crop, whilst keeping energy- and time investment at a minimum.

Using our systems you are able to tailor your drying regimens to retain your genetics strengths fit for its desired applications. Utilizing our drying and retting capabilities it ensures you can deliver the quality and specifications you, your crop and your customers demand. Increasing overall effectiveness by eliminating room for error and maximizing insight and control. Which ensures optimum crop value and premium quality at minimal energy expense. Treasuring your valuable harvest to prepare it for all possible applications.

Control & consistency

Using our ABC-software

Highest quality

Highest value end product

Energy efficiency

Dynamic regimen for energy savings

Hemp-drying solutions

For every part of the industrial hemp plant we have a tailored and flexible solution.

About us

Professional drying solutions since 1974

Our parent company Agratechniek (www.agratechniek.com) has 50 years of experience in drying agricultural produce and is active all around the world. With specialization in drying flower bulbs, seeds, garlic and onion amongst others. Since 10 years we have a subsidiary company, cannabis-drying.com, which provides specialized drying equipment for medicinal and recreative cannabis (www.cannabis-drying.com). This combined experience has thought us to think along with our clients and deliver drying solutions best suited for their case. We apply this knowledge to Hemp-Drying for energy efficient, targeted and controlled drying- and retting solutions to provide hemp source material of premium quality that is guided to the specifications desired by the markets you want to serve.

Hemp-drying products

With our products we prepare your hemp harvest for its desired application 


Benefits of hemp-drying

In the transition to a circular green economy industrial hemp will play an important role by providing regenerative source materials for many industries. Whilst storing a lot of carbon and restoring healthy soil life at the same time. In order to increase the potential of industrial hemp as a globally used and locally produced industrial feedstock we want to provide reliable, consistent and efficient drying solutions which add value to your harvest. 

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